Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Biblical Films

I have come up with a few random ideas for movies based on Biblical stories that I think would intrigue and interest the general public. Why? Because a) they hadn't thought of these stories and b) the stories are compelling / visually interesting. Here are my ideas including suggested film titles.
The Judge - This would be a film chronicling part of the story of the Biblical Judge, Gideon. What part of his life story? The fighting of the Mideonites and the vengeance he sought from the kings who killed his brothers. Gideon's well crafted battle plans allowed his small band to scare and confuse the Mideonites in the middle of the night. In so doing, they were able to force them to flee and be cut off by a larger group of Israelites. The sneak attack and ensuing battle could be epic if filmed properly. Follow this with Gideon's tracking down of the enemy kings to avenge the death of his brothers could make for an incredibly compelling movie. The History Channel's Bible Battles does a great job describing the event and helping you to visualize it.

My Revelation - Revelation written by John of Patmos, at the end of the New Testament has been attempted to be interpreted by many for years. I say, why interpret. Instead - make a full length motion picture visualizing the entire book of Revelation on screen. Try to help people understand John of Patmos was seeing and let them interpret it as they will. I think a film like this should begin with John on Patmos shaking while sitting at a desk. You look about the room and see a dark, cave-like room in shambles. John then takes some paper and a pen, and begins to write to the new Churches. Then begin with his visions and visualize the entire thing on screen. That's it. Don't try to tell us what the film creators think Revelation is about - make it as detailed and as accurate to the text as possible. Again, no interpretation - just literal visualization of the book. I think that will marvel many with the intense imagery of Revelation.

Reluctantly Condemned - The story of Jonah is one of the more well known stories of the Bible. But, most of us only remember parts of the story. If I were to make a film regarding Jonah, I would begin by showing the fire and brimstone style preacher giving a sermon. A fiery sermon about how evil sin is and how evil sinners will be condemned by the Lord. Then as he leaves, introduce God directly confronting him and telling him to go to Ninevah. Jonah then goes on the run trying to hide from God. But, of course, God finds him and Jonah eventually does what the Lord required of him. The story is the interesting tale of a reluctant preacher who did not want to go to where God wanted him to go. His story is relatable. The problem? The Book of Jonah ends aburptly, so in a film format it would be difficult to have an ending. Then again - it may almost be worth having the film end with a dumbfounded Jonah listening to the Lord explaining what he should have known in the first place.
Thoughts on my 3 ideas are always welcome. In each case, I'd be talking about a live action film.

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