Thursday, August 30, 2007

Angel and the Joss Whedon Realization

I've realized completely at this point why there are so many people who believe that Joss Whedon is a master storyteller. I began my Joss Whedon fascination a long time ago and I didn't even know it. He was one of the primary script writers for Toy Story -- as a big fan of that film, must say that it was incredibly well written with witty dialogue.

It was later on that my friend Yanni got me to watch all of Firefly before going into the theater to see Serenity, one of my favorite movies of all time. That led into me watching Buffy. I already knew I enjoyed the same group of storytellers and most especially, the fanciful ideas of Joss Whedon. I found Buffy Season 1 on sale for 15 bucks and picked it almost on a whim. I loved every episode and have watched over and again every episode since. I even got my 12 year old sister hooked on the show, asking to borrow seasons of Buffy and asking me rather detailed questions about the show on a regular basis.

Now after finding out that I got a $150 Best Buy gift card for my new cell phone and that seasons of Angel were on sale, I picked up the first two seasons on DVD. After watching the first eight episodes, I've realized that Whedon and company are masters at storytelling. To go from cowboys in space ala Firefly; to all the complications of high school written cleverly and with almost epic action; now I'm watching Angel which is a detective style drama with witty dialogue and very in depth characters. Frankly, I can't wait for Ripper.

Whedon and his team of writers have masterfully crafted nearly every single genre and he's only ready for more. I know I'll be here waiting as excited as ever to hear the new stories told by this storytelling team. I also realized how relatable the characters are -- despite their demonic or superhuman characteristics. There are many complaints that can be made about the writing and styles of Joss Whedon -- but above all, he's an amazing entertainer and a great storyteller.

Sad, But True

Read over this comic about little Billy. Poor little Billy's puppy died...and guess how his mother handled it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Emerald Reich

I began writing a fan-comic script entitled "The Emerald Reich" about a crazy alternate, darker Sonic the Hedgehog universe more akin to "Other-M" than most other Sonic comic books. It was set in the following scenario -- the Sonic Adventure games happened in the real world whereas Sonic, Robotnick, and company all came from an alternate reality that's a modified version of the Archie/SatAM version of "Mobius," a darker place with robotic monsters around every corner and a floating island nation full of echidnas.

The problem? I couldn't draw. So, here comes the first three sections of the script. I'll post more if anyone actually cares to read it.
Part 1: The Scheme
(Robotnick sits in a small, unadorned room. There is a metallic door and a large desk where he sits. In front of him lay the plans for some sort of robotic creature device).
Dr. Robotnick: (The doctor presses a button on the desk and says into the intercom)
Snively, come here
Snively: (He enters the room saying) Yes, master, what is it you need?
Robotnick: I have a plan, it will take time, but once it begins there shall be no man or beast that could stop me.
Snively: (Grinning) Perfect master, what does this plan entail?
(Dr. Robotnick presses a few buttons on the desk, a screen comes down from the ceiling. Zoom in on the screen which shows Kodos in a dark cell with one of the E-100 units moving past it in a corridor)
Robotnick: (Back to showing Robotnick) First, we will be needing the hide of (pointing at the screen and you can partially make out Kodos looking upwards) that. (Show Robotnick turn around in his chair and face Snively) I have a use for it. (Show Robotnick’s face with an evil grin) All else we’ll need are the usual robots and the Master Emerald to power my city, and I can wait for that (Robotnick laughs maniacally, standing. As he stands you can see the plans were for a robotic creature, an outline of which surrounds it, it’s shaped like a large feline creature).

Part 2: The Meeting
(You see a tapestry showing two Echidna’s standing with fists out in front of a large emerald, one is blinded and holding an olive leaf, the other is muted and holding a sword)
(Zoom in on Knuckles with a gavel in hand, with the tapestry behind him. He is dressed in a suit with a red tie, adorned with images of chaos emeralds here and there)
Knuckles: Order, Order I say!
(You pan around to see an entire room filled with echidna’s in similar dress sitting around a table. The echidnas seem to be in some sort of discussion, they calm down after his comment)
Knuckles: We were talking about the Chaotix and our part in their existence. The Chaotix is a unit that I had formed, a team of creatures of all nations whose sole purpose was to protect even when others could not. Protection is what this nation was founded on, protection of the emeralds, why is protection of the remainder of this world so different. If the emeralds are to get in the wrong hands, it would be devastating to all of us.
(An echidna stands; he is a dark orange in coloration and has a grey tie. He has a small, neatly trimmed mustache and has a small pin on his suit-coat, his name is Cain)
Cain: If I may speak, Mr. President.
Knuckles: By all means, Senator Cain.
Cain: Thank you. Our nation is, as you’ve said founded to protect the emeralds. Before we even dream of focusing on anything else, we should focus within. We should protect the emeralds first and foremost.
(A cheer of ‘Here here’ comes up from the crowd)
Knuckles: Ignoring the danger of Robotnick is pointless.
Cain: (Tensions are beginning to build) Robotnick has no need for us; he wants to destroy the nation of Acorn, not the floating island.
Knuckles: (A vein appears to become more prominent in his head) I have seen this man firsthand, he will come for us, and he will destroy many in the process and I do not want to stand by while that happens.
(Another echidna stands)
Echidna_2: Pardon, Mr. President, but is it even our place to step in, in these foreign affairs. Acorn’s war against Robotnick is his, not ours.
(The crowd of suited echidnas begin to rise up, arguing)
(Knuckles pounds his gavel)
Knuckles: Silence! (All are quieted and sit) We have a motion on the table. The motion reads, “We the members of the Angel Island House of Guardians do hereby move to sever all official ties with the fringe organization known as the Chaotix.” It has been written up by Senator Cain, is this motion seconded.
(A random echidna rises saying ‘Aye’)
Knuckles: All in favor. (Pan around, showing hands raised) All opposed. (The same type of pan). Abstention? Motion passes 23-14-3. I will send a message immediately to the Chaotix, telling them of our decision. (Knuckles shakes his head)

Part 3: The Freedom Force
(Sally and Sonic are seen walking through a large door. Behind them are Antoine and Tails. Zoom out so that you can see them in the grand throne room of King Acorn).
Sonic: (Narrating) King Acorn had summoned us in that day, a day I won’t forget.
(The four of them reach up to the front and King Acorn comes down from his thrown to greet them)
Acorn: Ahh, welcome. You all wonder why I have sent for you.
Sally: Yes, I do and what is this I heard about you dissolving the Freedom Fighters?
Acorn: Yes, all in due time my child, but first I must say that Sally will no longer be leading any Freedom Fighters. (Acorn is holding Sally by the shoulders) Since it is the 18th year since your birth, (He lets go) you must finish your training as Acorn Royalty first and foremost.
Sally: Father?
Acorn: There is no debating this. You have been a warrior since you were 13, it’s time you learned how to be a Princess.
Sally: (shook her head in anger and then stomped her foot as she said indignantly) But who will lead the Freedom Force, surely you are not dissolving the organization?
Acorn: (The King walked away from Sally and towards Tails) Of course not, Miles?
Tails: Yes, your Highness?
Acorn: (The King puts his hand on Tails’ shoulders) Miles, will you kneel before me. (Tails kneels and Acorn pulls out his sword, placing it on Tails’ right shoulder and moving it towards his left shoulder saying) I dub thee Sir Miles of Acorn and I ask you to rise. (Tails stands back up smiling) Sir Miles, I now grant you full control of our elite, the Freedom Force. I trust you Miles and wish you luck.
Tails: Thank you, your Highness. I shall not fail you. (Tails walks out of the throne room).
Sonic (Narrating) A lot of changes were made that day. (Show Antoine bowing before Acorn) Antoine was placed in charge of the Royal Army. (See Acorn’s arm on Sonic’s shoulders) And I was to direct the two forces and a third one, a Secret Service.
(Sonic looks confused)
Sonic: Secret Service? What do you mean?
Acorn: (Calls to the shadows with his hand) Come over (Looks back to Sonic) I am establishing a secret service, a reconnaissance based group for my kingdom.
(The robed figure is next to Acorn who is pointing, Vana White style)
Acorn: Sonic, I’d like you to meet the head of our secret service (The robed figure begins pulling back his hood and we pan to Sonic’s face which has a look of shock)
Sonic: You? You’re…alive?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ripper Confirmed

The Buffy spin-off they've been talking about for a long time, the Giles based BBC series "Ripper" has apparently been given the greenlight by the BBC, Tony Head, Joss Whedon, and the approval of Fox. According to Whedon, it looks like it'll be a 90 minute made-for-TV feature about Giles -- but no matter what the format, I know I'm overly excited. Those who know me know that I'm a big Buffy dork. Gifts of "The Long Way Home" graphic novel are always appreciated...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blue Door

My brother is in this band called Blue Door. If you like to rock, then check them out on MySpace. Do it, they're great and you can download each of their tracks to listen to at your own pace -- or on your iPod/MP3 player...