Friday, December 17, 2010

Extra Short Story: Poor Steve

Here's a random mini-Buffyverse story I put together. Thoughts welcome.
Steve never felt so alive. Power, is what he thought, power is what he was feeling. He had never felt this way before. He was stronger than ever and ready to take on the world. How did he get here, Steve wondered as he began to open his eyes. That's when he realized - he was trapped, trapped in a box. He had no idea what happened, he was frightened, he tried to remember how he got there as he began to bash his wooden cell.

He remembered a girl. A cute girl he met at a bar. She was leggy and blonde, and she seemed to throw herself at him. He couldn't remember her name - it was something musical, though. They flirted at the bar and she whispered into Steve's ear, "Let's go someplace more quiet." Her idea of more quiet was the alleyway behind the bar. She began kissing his neck, which led to her nibbling on his neck. It tickled at first - before she handed Steve a flask and said, "Drink, now." Steve drank a sip from the flask - a warm liquid that tasted like iron. That's when the biting got deeper and Steve went black.

He continued to bang on the wooden box and finally busted through the top. As dirt rained into the box, Steve pulled himself out. He shook himself off and looked around - he was in a graveyard, incredibly disoriented, and wearing an awful powder blue suit. That said, he still felt strong, powerful, but never more confused. He looked around, that's when he saw the gravestone behind him. There was his name, there was the date - the day of his bar visit.

Steve remained confused as he thought he saw someone coming towards him. He yelled out, "Hello there," and waved towards them. That's when he got a sudden hunger, an intense hunger that he had never felt before. It was more than a craving, it was a need. Steve needed blood - and he needed it now.

Steve looked up and thought that whoever this was would be the first meal of his new life as whatever he was. That's the last thing Steve remembered as he turned to dust.


As Buffy walked away from the pile of Steve dust she thought to herself, "What a pity, they had to bury him in that terrible suit."

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Emerald Reich: Part III

I posted the first two parts of the story 2 years ago, here's the next section.
Part 7: The Rose and the Seed
(Amy is sitting in a futon holding her head tightly; the room is cave-like and unadorned otherwise)
Amy: Ahh, oooh no.
(Pan around to a door, viewer can see the door open and Tails enters)
Tails: (Runs over to Amy and puts his arm around her) Are you all right?
Amy: (Shakes her head) No, my head it feels like there’s pressure all around.
Tails: (Show his head, arms still around her, mostly show the top of her head. He’s thinking this) Wow, the transport back to this world has been rough on Amy’s body. The poor girl. (Show the two of them entirely) It’s going to be ok. Doctor Bean will be coming soon.
(Skip to the main door of the Castle of Acorn, it opens and Bean the Dynamite enters. He’s dressed as a doctor, with the cliché Doctor’s costume. He walks forward, being greeted by King Acorn himself)
Acorn: Welcome back, Doctor.
Bean: Thank you, your highness. It’s good to be back. (the two walk into the throne room and you see Shadow and Sonic standing there talking)
Acorn: Dr. Bean, you know Sonic, and this one is Shadow the Hedgehog his friend.
Bean: Pleasure to meet you (he nods)
Shadow: Charmed, I’m sure.
Acorn: (Show Acorn pointing towards a side room) Our friend Amy has still been feeling a bit of pain in her forehead, the stabbing headaches have not gone away and in fact have intensified since the last time you visited.
Bean: (See Bean nod) All right, take me too her, there must not be something deeper here.
(Acorn and Bean walk off)
(Shadow takes Sonic aside)
Shadow: What do you know of this Doctor?
Sonic: He’s a good warrior and from the way I see it a good Doctor. Haven’t heard a complaint yet.
Shadow: (Show Shadow with concern as he speaks) Does that not strike you as odd?
Sonic: (Looks puzzled) What do you mean?
Shadow: (Shakes his head) Me and my people will look into this Dr. Bean, he seems a bit…never mind. (Acorn and Bean return to the main area)
Sonic: How’s she doing?
Bean: She’ll be all right, I’ve given her a sedative shot which I believe will do the trick. She’s sleeping now.
(See Tails walk out of the room after them, Zoom in on him. Tails is smiling and whispers)
Tails: Sleep well, sleeping beauty.
(Show group talking with Tails walking over)
Shadow: Acorn tells me that the former army commander has gone missing. Doctor, have you seen him?
Bean: No, I have not seen Kodos in months.
Shadow: Have you seen any of the Eggman’s creations, minions, lately?
Bean: No, why do you ask?
Acorn: (Looks angered) Where did this inquiry come from?
Shadow: (He slinks back slightly) No reason, just curious, (He looks at Acorn) it is my job to be curious. (He vanishes in a brilliant light).
Bean: What a strange hedgehog…(He has a slightly angered look on his face)
Acorn: (Acorn says with a smile) Yes, but he is excellent at what he does (Acorn begins to lead Bean away saying) Let me show you the new study I have just set up for myself it’s…
Sonic: (In the foreground as they walk away)
Sonic: (Show Sonic looking upwardly shaking his head, thinking) What are you thinking, Shadow?

Part 8: Enter the Chaotix
(See Mighty the Armadillo standing in front of a white board. On it is written “Knuckles.”)
Mighty: (Hands behind his back as he speaks) Members of the Chaotix. (Pan out to show the group as seen from behind Mighty. Group includes Vector the Crocodile, Charmy the Bee, Espio the Chameleon, Rouge the Bat and Big the Cat) According to our sources, there is a threat on the life of our friend Knuckles.
Espio: (Standing) Well, we need to do something about this.
(Group tends to nod in agreement)
Mighty: (Smiling) I’d hope you’d say that. (Cut to an empty version of the Echidna Congress room from Part 2. We see Knuckles’ head chair with the Tapestry behind it. Mighty is speaking over the images) Here is the tapestry which symbolizes the might and justice of Angel Island. (Move to above it and to the right) Here is a corridor which runs above it. (Back to the room with the Chaotix, start on Vectors face and pan across the group as Mighty speaks) This used to be used years ago for the press to visit meetings and take notes. A bill passed some four years ago, closing these corridors to the public, but they still can pose a threat to our friend. (Zoom in on Mighty’s face) This will be going on tomorrow at the meeting, we move then.
(Cut to see Knuckles walking down the hallway and the main room for the Congressional meetings can be seen in the distance. Over this Mighty says, “And I doubt Knuckles even suspects a thing.”)

Part 9: Parliamentary Procedure
(Show Knuckles walk in and then sit down in his seat at the forefront of the Echidna Congress, Leba is sitting at the seat directly to his right)
Knuckles: (He pounds on his gavel) This meeting of the Echidna House of Guardians has been called to order. (Zoom in on his face, it is slightly angled as he speaks to the group) Today we are here to discuss the current state of our nation.
Cain: (Cain stands up) If you don’t mind, I’d like to say a few words. (Show Knuckles nod) I feel that we should…
(Cut to Vector and Charmy moving through a dark corridor, each have headsets on and appear to be moving fast)
Vector: V and C to base, we’re on the trail, hopefully we’ll get to him before he gets to his target.
Voice: (Coming from the headset) Affirmative V, protect Knuckles my friend.
(Cut to an Echidna dressed entirely in black, he’s pointing a rifle downward. See him look through the sight on the rifle and seen as through the point of view of the weapon Cain talking, then move over to Knuckles sitting down. Zoom back out to the room, seeing Knuckles nodding his head and Leba turn his upward. Show the Echidna in black and see Leba stand. Cut back to Vector and Charmy who appear to be getting very close to the black suited Echidna, then cut back to the zoom out of the room and see the Echidna fire. Leba screams, “NO!” and stands in front of Knuckles, being shot through the heart).
Leba: (Falls and screams)
Knuckles: (Stands up and looks up) Send someone up there. (Frantically) Find out who did this!
(Cut to Vector and Charmy, they reach to where the assassin was, and all they find is the rifle. Vector grabs the rifle and looks around, pointing it in the direction of where he’s looking as he goes)
Vector: (To Charmy) Shit, we missed him.
(See Echidna soldiers running up flights of stairs)
(Cut to Leba in the arms of Cain)
Cain: (Crying as he speaks) If it were not for my jealousy.
Leba: (Puts his hand on Cain’s face) I forgive you brother for not noticing him…(Leba falls dead in Cain’s arms)
Cain: (Shakes his head and holds his brother close) No. NO!
(Cut back to the Echidna soldiers, they have pikes pointed down the hallway)
Echidna_Soldier: (Calling down towards Vector and Charmy) Drop your weapons, we have you surrounded. (Vector drops the rifle throwing up his arms as he looks towards the Echidnas, who surround both Charmy and him. Charmy also puts up his arms and looks up at Vector)
Charmy: (Looks back at the Echidna Soldiers) You have the wrong people, Mack. The real killer is getting away.
(Echidna Soldiers cuff the two of them)
Soldier: Tell that to the judge. (It ends with Vector and Charmy being walked off in cuffs by 5 Echidna Soldiers)
(Cut to Mighty and Espio. Both are nearby a computer in chairs, Espio has a headset on and is holding his hand to his forehead spine. Mighty throws a headset to the ground).

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I Love You More

Stevie Wonder wrote a great Christmas song for the 5th "Very Special Christmas" album. The lyrics display a wonderful love of Christ at Christmas. Read them and enjoy. Merry Christmas.
More than I love the first of spring,
I love you more.
More than the sweetest song I sing,
I love you more.
More than the Christmas bells that ring,
I love you more my Lord.

More than a star filled summer's night,
I love you more.
More awe than viewing a wondrous sight,
I love you more.
More than the Chirstmas cards I write,
I love you more my Lord.

More than the days, more than the nights,
More than seasons and reasons for every life,
More is my love for Jesus Christ,
And my God who made it all.

More than the autumn's falling leaves,
I love you more.
More than snowflakes dancing in the breeze,
I love you more.
Much more than Santa and Christmas trees,
I love you more, my Lord.

SW: Mistletoes and everything wow
Christmas just as I pictured it
KB: Mistletoes and everything wow
SW: Champagne, Pineapple juice

More than the days, more than the nights,
More than seasons and reasons for every life,
More is my love for Jesus Christ,
And my God who made it all.

More than the autumn's falling leaves,
I love you more.
More than snowflakes dancing in the breeze,
I love you more.
Much more than Santa and Christmas trees,
I love you more, my Lord.

With every single breath of life you give me,
I love you more.
More than I love the first of spring,
I love you more.
More than the sweetest song I sing,
I love you more, Lord, I love you more.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Biblical Films

I have come up with a few random ideas for movies based on Biblical stories that I think would intrigue and interest the general public. Why? Because a) they hadn't thought of these stories and b) the stories are compelling / visually interesting. Here are my ideas including suggested film titles.
The Judge - This would be a film chronicling part of the story of the Biblical Judge, Gideon. What part of his life story? The fighting of the Mideonites and the vengeance he sought from the kings who killed his brothers. Gideon's well crafted battle plans allowed his small band to scare and confuse the Mideonites in the middle of the night. In so doing, they were able to force them to flee and be cut off by a larger group of Israelites. The sneak attack and ensuing battle could be epic if filmed properly. Follow this with Gideon's tracking down of the enemy kings to avenge the death of his brothers could make for an incredibly compelling movie. The History Channel's Bible Battles does a great job describing the event and helping you to visualize it.

My Revelation - Revelation written by John of Patmos, at the end of the New Testament has been attempted to be interpreted by many for years. I say, why interpret. Instead - make a full length motion picture visualizing the entire book of Revelation on screen. Try to help people understand John of Patmos was seeing and let them interpret it as they will. I think a film like this should begin with John on Patmos shaking while sitting at a desk. You look about the room and see a dark, cave-like room in shambles. John then takes some paper and a pen, and begins to write to the new Churches. Then begin with his visions and visualize the entire thing on screen. That's it. Don't try to tell us what the film creators think Revelation is about - make it as detailed and as accurate to the text as possible. Again, no interpretation - just literal visualization of the book. I think that will marvel many with the intense imagery of Revelation.

Reluctantly Condemned - The story of Jonah is one of the more well known stories of the Bible. But, most of us only remember parts of the story. If I were to make a film regarding Jonah, I would begin by showing the fire and brimstone style preacher giving a sermon. A fiery sermon about how evil sin is and how evil sinners will be condemned by the Lord. Then as he leaves, introduce God directly confronting him and telling him to go to Ninevah. Jonah then goes on the run trying to hide from God. But, of course, God finds him and Jonah eventually does what the Lord required of him. The story is the interesting tale of a reluctant preacher who did not want to go to where God wanted him to go. His story is relatable. The problem? The Book of Jonah ends aburptly, so in a film format it would be difficult to have an ending. Then again - it may almost be worth having the film end with a dumbfounded Jonah listening to the Lord explaining what he should have known in the first place.
Thoughts on my 3 ideas are always welcome. In each case, I'd be talking about a live action film.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Albums I'm Looking For

For my own reference - I've put together a list of albums that I'm interested in hearing and potentially picking up.
Cage the Elephant - Cage the Elephant
Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted
Crush 40 - Crush 40
Dr. Dre - The Chronic
John Frusciante - The Empyrean
Jurassic 5 - Power in Numbers
Muse - The Resistance
Royksopp - Junior
Thoughts on other albums I should look into?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Brother's Killer

I am uncertain how to write this into a detailed story - but here's the idea for a Civil War era story entitled "My Brother's Killer."

Two brothers from Maryland end up on opposite sides in the United States Civil War. The story follows the Union brother, James Davis. James felt that the war needed to be fought to end slavery. His brother felt that slavery was a red herring and that the real battle was between the rights of the states and the power of the federal government.

James joins the 1st Regiment Cavalry out of Baltimore early on in the conflict. In his first battle, James kills a number of men in battle. As he charges forward with his unit and finds that one of the fallen Confederates in the battle is his brother.

After the war, with a heavy conscience, James leaves Maryland and in 1866, he ends up in Oklahoma territory. There he sees attrocities performed by Union solders. He defends local Native Americans and after joining them one night discovers that their tribe sided with the Confederates in the Civil War.

The story follows a man torn and confused. He feels pain and disgust in himself and no longer supports the cause that led him to kill his brother. I'm unsure how to end this story. Part of me had the idea of him joining the Native American tribe and dying with them in a guerilla attack on a Union barracks, but I'm unsure.

Thoughts are welcome. Again, this is only the beginning and bare skeleton of a story.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Random Music Video Ideas

Recently I've been coming up with random ideas while listening to music - about how I would present the song in music video format. Here's a spattering of ideas I had for a few randomly selected songs.

Katy Perry - One of the Boys
The video would be a classic teenage girl falling for the popular boy music video...except the girl would be played by a dude and the popular boy she's into, is actually Katy Perry dressed as a boy with a very bad fake moustache. Preferably have other male musicians that she's close to / worked with (FOB, Gym Class Heroes) to play other girls in school. The video would be mostly a daydream of the tomboy about how she (played by a he) is a tomboy, treated like a sister, but wants to be treated like a girly-girl.

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
I would make this actually a realistic depiction of what's going on in the song. The song would open with a girl sitting at home watching TV in her living room. It then shifts over to a window being forced open, then comes the intruder into the apartment. A friend of hers is on his way to visit when all this is going on - so, it goes back and forth between him looking at the apartment from the outside, to her struggle / attack from the intruder. He then realizes as he's trying to call her from outside that something isn't right and gets in the apartment just as the intruder is jumping out the window. This could be a very scary video with realistic depiction of Annie getting struck by the intruder and her friend trying to save her, but coming just that much too late. It ends with the friend comforting Annie as the police arrive.

My Chemical Romance - Cancer
Video would begin with the intro tune playing very quietly and see a younger, but obviously sick lead singer of the band lying in a hospital bed asleep. Two people are standing next to him, one holding his hand and the other rubbing the one person's shoulder and just looking at him. One says to the other, "I don't know if he'll make it." That's when the lyrics begin with the person slightly waking up and singing. When he gets to the line "favorite colors" it goes to him in his gown watching the events happening and singing, with the version of him in bed just laying there and the family members crying. The next verse will go back and forth between the ghostly lead singer singing the song in the hospital to the family members wearing all black in mourning, and in the funeral procession. The video would end with the ghostly version of him walking over and pulling a plug out from the wall, with the version of him in bed dying. The music stops and the machine's flatline. You see the family members begin to cry and a happy ghostly version of the lead singer walk off into a bright light.

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Begins by showing a speech by John Edwards on a television screen, then back off to show someone dressed as John Edwards walking past a television store. He's lip syncing the song. As the video progresses, it goes back and forth between flashbacks and John Edwards walking sadly down this road. The flashbacks include meeting Rielle Hunter, telling his wife about the affair, and watching his Presidential hopes crashing and burning through a flurry of news coverage. This video would almost serve as a chronicle of the fall of John Edwards from the good graces of the mainstream / liberal media and his continued denial to be the father of Rielle Hunter's baby.