Monday, December 3, 2007

Puzzle Quest

Welcome young lads and lasses to a world unlike our own. Where the dead walk the earth and attempt to attack our kingdom! You are of noble blood and must help defend the kingdom from these undead attacks and help to find out the source of these attacks. Welcome to the world of Puzzle Quest.

Puzzle Quest's story is ridiculously simple -- but its not the story that's the most fun, it's the fact that it's a puzzle game with some RPG elements that make it incredibly fun. In many ways, this is a modified version of Bejeweled. Instead of merely playing by yourself -- on the same board, you are taking turns against an opponent. The Wikipedia article explains the gameplay a little better -- but imagine competitive Bejeweled with you gaining power as you continue to play the game allowing for interesting "attacks" which can change up the course of gameplay. It's a lot of fun and worth checking out...especially for the Nintendo DS, where the controls shine. Using the stylus to click and point to where you want to move the blocks is beyond natural. This is a wonderful game and I'd suggest it to puzzle and RPG well as fans of good video games.

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