Monday, July 16, 2007

My December

Be honest, what have you currently heard of the album "My December" by Kelly Clarkson? I'm sure you've heard of the battle with Clive Davis, about the firing of her producer, about the poor sales, about the fact that Clarkson wrote all the tracks (or co-wrote them with less than famous producers), and that it's the worst album of Clarkson's career.

Yea, I've heard it all -- and I'm here to tell you that the album is great and has a sort of passion that you rarely hear from an artist. Kelly Clarkson, in this album, helps prove her mettle as an artist and I'll explain to you why.

In addition to amazingly personal tracks with beautiful lyrics like "Sober" and "Haunted," the album contains "Since U Been Gone" style pop-ish ballads like "Never Again." That matters very little. Before I continue this discussion on an album that I really enjoy, let me say that this truly is Kelly Clarkson's first album. Why? First album's from artists are a bit raw, but are filled with passion that transcends musical boundaries making for, on average, a great album that draws in new fans. It usually does not sell as well as major label hits down the line, but it defines the artist as an actual musical talent and, in the case of Clarkson, as more than merely a created pop sensation but a musician with many different musical interests and talents. As an artist works on their second or third album, you see them grow as an artist and the lyrics become more in depth, the music becomes more complex -- but it is that first album which defines them as an artist. This is a defining album for Kelly Clarkson as it shows to the world a) that she can write music/lyrics and b) that she's not willing to remain quietly as a contrived pop sensation, but actually wants to take the reins and control her own musical destiny akin to artists like Christina Aguilera as opposed to Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson. In many ways, Clarkson needed this album to prevent herself from being pigeonholed as merely a voice with nothing to back it up. This helps prove otherwise.

For anyone who enjoys Kelly Clarkson's voice and some of the more personal tracks off her second album, this album is worth listening to. For those who merely appreciate music, you owe it to yourself to give this a chance. You may hate it, but at least try it out for yourself instead of merely accepting the hype at face value. This blogger almost did and it would have denied him some beautiful music.

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