Friday, February 9, 2007

Sigdon Riley

Sigdon Riley is a new character I may be playing in a Dungeon's and Dragons game with BM2, JB. It's set in the world of Greyhawk, of which you can learn more about here. Here's the biography of the character that I've put together --
Sigdon Riley was born of noble parents. Money was his life and it was a good life indeed. He was trained to be a noble fighter by his wealthy father, learning all the niceties of high society. He had it all and at 21, he married the beautiful, 17 year old Mary Ann Crone. Riley loved his rich and fulfilling life, but all that changed in an instant.

On Sigdon's 25th birthday, his father passed away in the middle of the night of unknown causes. Unbeknown to Sigdon, his father carried a great deal of debt which had brought him to his current station in life -- primarily to two notorious underworld bosses, a half Drow named Jarl and a hot-tempered human by the name of Hunter Davis. Upon his father's death, Sigdon's mother disappeared with Jarl -- the two had been holding a secret romantic affair for the past ten years. Along with her went half of Sigdon's family fortune -- all to Jarl and all not enough to finish repaying his father's debt.

Sigdon fled town with his pregnant wife, hoping to find refuge with what little money he could carry a town or so away. Upon reaching the nearby village of Blackstone, Mary Ann gave birth to her first child -- a half-elf. Neither Mary Ann nor Sigdon were elven. Upset, confused, and angry, Sigdon decided he was going to leave his cheating wife and the offspring of that unholy union when suddenly, his father's debt caught up to him. Hunter Davis and his men had caught Sigdon, beat him, and enslaved him. Mary Ann was taken as Davis' own, a new member of his ever growing menagerie of concubines. Sigdon never saw Mary again.

After four years of brutal enslavement in the Underdark, Riley could take no more. He exploded on two slavers one day in an insane, berserk rage slaughtering the two men. Using his chains as a makeshift weapon, Riley fought his way to Davis, freeing any slave he found along the way. Riley and his small band of hungry slaves overpowered Davis, savagely killing him.

Riley could never go back to civilized life after that. He lived on his own in the wilderness, traveling from town to town attacking slavers as he found them. He tracked a certain slaver band to the Shackled City, which is currently where his full story will begin...

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