Wednesday, January 3, 2007

American Gods - A Review

I read American Gods a while ago, but haven't gotten a chance to review the book. Since I have a literary blog now -- I figured this was the place to do it.

American Gods is the fourth prose novel written by Neil Gaiman -- the fact that it's his fourth has nothing to do with its content as the book has nothing to do with his previous works. American Gods chronicles the story of a man named Shadow after he leaves jail, discovers his wife's infidelity, and gets picked up for seemingly mob related work by a man who calls himself Wednesday. This leads to all manner of strange adventures involving gods worshiped from all over the world -- and the modern gods we have created through the worship of such things as money, the internet, and television.

The book gives an interesting idea on religion, whereby gods exist merely because we believe they do. It's a concept which is delved deeply in most Dungeons and Dragons campaign worlds, and other fictional, polytheistic worlds, yet not one we discuss in reality.

The book is written beautifully providing wonderful imagery, incredibly interesting characters, and an engrossing plot which makes you want to read more. Anyone looking into a darker book with an engrossing story involving classical myths and religions, look no further; it will not disappoint.

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